Zumba For Beginners

Informative Material for Zumba Beginners

Zumba For Beginners

Zumba is much fun and one of the easiest workout training for beginners. This is because you do not need any background in fitness or dance to sign up for classes. The basic idea behind Zumba is to make people stop finding reasons to not work out. Nothing should make you not attend Zumba classes. There are many benefits attached to it: it not only keeps you fit, but you also become more confident and have fun at the same time.

Lets Get Started

There are different ways in which you can get started with Zumba classes. You may choose to watch Zumba DVD or join local classes. However, it is advised that you watch two sessions in order to get familiar with what Zumba is all about. In addition to that, you should also wear comfortable clothes to make the workout easier. You should also wear dance shoes or running shoes that have pivot point on the end of the feet. Never exercise on carpet because Zumba entails a lot of twisting which might injure your feet.

Recommended clothes for Zumba workout include capri pants, leggings or athletic short. This is because they will keep your thighs warm.

When you join Zumba classes, have a positive attitude for it to go smooth for you. Listen to the music and do not concentrate on your body or how bad or well you are dancing. Note that Zumba is not about perfection but about having fun. To make it more fun, you can bring your friends along. Also, when attending classes, make sure that you carry bottled water and a towel to wipe the face.

Zumba classes usually last for one hour: the songs are played with little or no break at all in between. It is usually 13 songs per class. The classes are about training in interval, this means the songs are in interval of slow and fast music. During slow music, one can rest as the moves are not as intense as before. In one class, you can lose an average 400 to 850 calories. See how much calories you can burn in just less than one week?

Types of Zumba Classes

All Zumba classes are almost the same; it is all about dancing and having fun. However the appropriate Zumba for beginners’ class is the Zumba Gold. This class focuses on basic steps, salsa, cumbia and villagaray. The steps are not as intense as those in other classes. There is no fast transition, crazy movements and jumping. A beginner will manage the Zumba Gold much easier.

If you are a beginner, you are advised to take it slowly. Before joining the classes, you should start by watching a Zumba DVD to prepare your body and know what you’re getting into. In conclusion, make sure that you have fun, feel the music, the process and see how your body reacts to it. The final results will be a toned body and a healthier lifestyle!